Sons and Daughters of Nagbukel, USA,Inc.


      We are proud to present our SDN SCHOLARS:

  1. Karen Almazan -         (graduated Cum Laude)
  2. Jason D. Cortez-         (graduated)
  3. Dhelmer B. Estacio-    (graduated Cum Laude)
  4. Jopay May Cachola -   (graduated)
  5. Sheila Cabanela -        (graduated)
  6. Jennifer Bose -            BS in Civil Engineering 2008-2012
  7. Jennifer Javier -           BS Nursing 2009-2013
  8. Juliet Piscala -             (dropped)
  9. Sharmain Cabang-
  10. Marites Cabang-         (latest scholar)
Made possible through the the SDN Scholarship Program
"Helping Others Help Themselves"









It was a wonderful anniversary celebration!

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